Keep walking


First of all, i’ve deceided to switch to english. This way, i think i can get more quality guidance.

Here is a little update regarding my poker situation: i went busto again! Good poker lessons are very expansive: never play out of your bankroll!.

After a poor session at 10NL 6 MAX, i’ve tried to make the money back at 50NL HU. I lost 1 buyin here and after a 10 minute break i opened 2 tables of 25 NL 6 MAX. Here i took 2 bad beats and my roll is like Lehman Brothers: history

You can find below a very interesting advice from Frankie “SirNeb” on Card Runners

The skillset to be successful is not just having the set of technical skills to do your task well. Playing the cards is generally pretty straightforward, given time anybody can learn it. But the skill that allow you to keep playing, keep pushing yourself is extremely difficult. Why do you think people time and time again keep failing to achieve their goals in their lifetime? It’s because they don’t have what it takes to DISCIPLINE themselves to achieve it.

You are basically at the beginning of your poker journey. You need to learn to be disciplined. The following are basic things what I think a starting player needs to be doing to be successful:

a.) NEVER play games you are not bankrolled for.
b.) NEVER play tilting

It all pretty much sums up to being discipline to ALWAYS make good decisions for yourself. The STAKE is too great for failing, you don’t just fail at the tables, you fail achieving ALL things you desire. You fail at your goals, not just your poker goals but your life goals. And you WILL continue to fail until you learn to be disciplined. Learn it now or be a failure all your life.


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