CR study group and my goals for the upcoming week


Hey guys,

it’s been a while since my last update, i had a great weeken.

Together with a few members from Card Runners, we put up a study group, called Micro Crushers. It’s just great, i love working with people from all over the world: Koreea, UK, United States, China, it’s just great. Everyboby is willing to help eachother, everybody wants to improove his game, i think we will have good results pretty soon.

And now let’s move to my goals for the upcoming week:

– play 7.000 hands

– up 5 BI at the end of the week

– read everything about c betting, 3 betting and raising from 2+2 stickyes and other sources

– watch on stoxpoker “The art of c betting”

– watch “Foundation of a poker player” on Stoxpoker and “From the ground up” on Deuces Cracked

– recording a video with me, 4 tablelling

– read Verneer’s thread Why can’t most people beat 200NL and below? from Card Runners and try to find patterns. I will make an excel file about this.

Just let me know if you have any sugestions about how to obtain maximum value from a study group.

At the end of this week, i will post the graph and a few interesting hands to discuss.

Have a green week in your trackers gents!

Kind regards,

Deal Done


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