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Sweet october


I had a great week. I’ve played my A game all the time, i was very lucky to meet some great people and my game is improoving a lot. I’m very happy that i’m not making so many mistakes anymore and i’m glad that i found the FOLD button (i can find it even when […]

Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last update, i had a great weeken. Together with a few members from Card Runners, we put up a study group, called Micro Crushers. It’s just great, i love working with people from all over the world: Koreea, UK, United States, China, it’s just great. Everyboby is […]

Hey guys, right now i’m focusing on building my global poker network. I’ve joined 2 SSNL study groups on Card Runners and Deuces Cracked. I hope this help and soon we will see some trend reversal patterns in my downswing. Also, i’m glad to help others. Leave a comment if you want to join my […]